Le Deun Lighting - Freestanding

Micro 30, Prestige 30, Classic 60, Mega 120 and Giga 180

Le Deun bespoke freestanding home lighting for table tops or floor standing provide direct and indirect lighting. All lights are available to order to your own specifications, including finishes in Black, White, Red, Glossy Gold, Glossy Copper, Matte Steel, Chrome, Antique Bronze, Black Nickel and Matte Copper.

  • 30cm Diameter Steel Circle with 48 LEDs producing an equivilent to 45 Watts
  • 60cm Diameter Steel Circle with 96 LEDs producing an equivilent to 90 Watts
  • 120cm Diameter Epoxy Coated Aluminum Circle (Steel Base) with 192 LEDs producing an equivilent to 180 Watts
  • 180cm Diameter Epoxy Coated Aluminum Circle (Steel Base) with 228 LEDs producing an equivilent to 270 Watts

All lights include transformer, dimmer, power cable and socket.

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